• Nina Farm summer cottage

  • Nina Farm summer cottage

  • Nina Farm summer cottage

Nina Farm is situated on island Kassari in more than 750 years old village Orjaku, close to nature protected bay of Orjaku.

The summer cottage is named after Nina Farm, what is located on the land of Orjaku Estate (called as Nina Estate), founded at the beginning of the 17th century. The farm´s fisherman´s hut was destroyed and an old blacksmith´s hut was brought from the neighbouring village. The blacksmith´s hut got a new life as a small and cosy holiday cottage.

Our cottage is meant for a family or a smaller company who appreciates enjoyable coastal village life, nature, especially bird watching, history and culture. There is a nature trail, birdwatching tower, Orjaku Harbour with its active culture life, and popular bridges as fishing sites.

In the cottage there are: a cuisine (water kettle, cooker, microwave, fridge, plates, mugs...)TV, shower, loo. The cottage is suitable for 4 persons, although there are two extra beds as well. Beds are upstairs-1 double and 2 single; a sofa as an extra bed, downstairs. You are welcome to use the canoes for having a trip into the reed or out to the sea and the fire site for romantic summer evenings. Our archaic sauna with a bunch of birch is available as an extra service.

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Nina Talu
Orjaku küla
Käina vald 92111

Telefon: +372 56 637 527
E-post: tiina@ninatalu.ee